Race filming & digital media

March 9, 2018By

We are pleased to announce that we have engaged a professional drone operator to film at Sunday’s Head of the River Race 2018.  The drone will not film directly over boats and it will fly a minimum of 50m above the water.  The drone pilot will be monitoring weather conditions and will only film if it is (and remains) safe to do so.  The drone will primarily be operating in the marshalling area, around the start and the first 250m of the course.  We anticipate that it will be relatively discreet and quiet and that it will not interfere with racing.  We will also be filming from the bank and capturing images of the race for use in digital content.

We ask that any crew/competitor who would prefer that their image is not used in our digital content to please notify us as soon as possible.

If any crew, competitor or spectator is filming or capturing other images/footage and would be happy for us to use this in our digital media content (with appropriate credit) please do contact us and make arrangements for use of the images/footage.  We would be especially interested to see any on-board footage of the race, such as that filmed using GoPro cameras or similar.


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