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(Under British Rowing Rules)

1 The Race from Mortlake to Putney WILL START AT 1045 GMT ON SUNDAY 11 MARCH 2018
2 Entries will be open from 10.00 1 January to 17.00 9 February
3 Entry for HORR 2018 will be through British Rowing On-Line Entry ONLYOnly 400 crews will be accepted. For this reason, entries of crews which appear to be more suited to the Vesta Veterans’ HOR may be refused.


Names of crews entered may be inspected after 16 February on application to the Hon. Secretary.

Names of substitutes (maximum FOUR only apart from the coxswain) who are to row in the Race must be notified through the British Rowing on-line system ONLY up to one hour before the start of the Race. There will be a facility at Race HQ on Race day for crews without access to the internet.

To avoid problems on Race day, you are very strongly urged to check by 1 March that any potential substitutes are properly BR-registered. The new personal ranking system requires that the exact make-up of every crew is recorded, therefore failure to record all substitutions will very likely result in the mis-allocation of ranking points. Accordingly, any failure to record substitutions that requires the after-Race attention of HORR may well attract action under British Rowing Rules of Racing 8.3 and 8.5.

Notice of withdrawal (“scratching”) should be given to the Hon. Secretary in writing or, if this is not possible, by telephone before the start of the Race. For 2018, any club/crew not complying will be liable to be excluded at the Draw for places in 2019.




Any crew failing to comply with either of the above regulations will be disqualified.



Full instructions for crews will be posted on this website by the Chief Marshal not later than 15 January. It is the Club’s responsibility to read these.

The full Starting order will be posted on or before 15 February.

Official Empacher and linen numbers will be distributed as usual ; they will be delivered to host clubs at least 24 hours before Race time, and therefore only crews boating from Putney need to collect theirs from Race HQ at Ranelagh Sailing Club. Equally, it is essential that any change in a crew’s host club is notified to the Secretary in good time. This page will list host clubs for all entrants after 1 March.

All boats will require Empacher slots.

Numbers must be returned to the Secretary as follows:

a) up to 1800 on Race Day, to Ranelagh Sailing Club
b) by post to the Secretary ONLY

A charge of THIRTY POUNDS may be made for each number lost or damaged.



The Head of the River Race cannot assist in the provision of accommodation, or the loan of boats or oars. It is the responsibility of all visiting crews to make their own arrangements for boats, changing, embarkation and disembarkation directly with Tideway clubs and in particular with respect to any required loan or hire of boats or equipment. No club should attempt to embark without having previously arranged to do so with the Tideway club whose facilities they wish to   use. The Hon. Secretary must be informed of the boating arrangements of all non-Tideway crews. If this information is not supplied, the entry will be rejected. Clubs are strongly advised to arrange to boat from and return to Chiswick, as the number of crews permitted to boat from Putney will again be limited by a number of factors, and the parking of trailers severely restricted.

For 2018, parking of trailers at Putney will only be by special arrangement – those clubs permitted will be advised by the HORR and/or WEHORR Secretaries.

Permits for access to Putney will not be granted to trailers of overseas clubs.



The Fairbairn Trophy to the crew finishing Head and individual medals for the members of the crew.
The Vernon Trophy to the fastest British Rowing club crew normally rowing on the Thames Tideway (between Teddington Lock and the mouth of the Thames), and individual medals for the members of the crew.
The Page Trophy to the fastest British Rowing club crew normally rowing on the Thames or its tributaries and ineligible for the Vernon Trophy, and individual medals for the members of the crew.
The Jackson Trophy to the fastest crew from an open British Rowing club not normally rowing on the Thames or its tributaries – and therefore ineligible for the Vernon or Page Trophies – and individual medals for the members of the crew.
The award of the Vernon, Page and Jackson Trophies is subject to the Committee’s absolute discretion.
The Bernard Churcher Trophy to the fastest crew from any University or College club – including those from Overseas.
Please note carefully that crews will be automatically designated as Academic or Club, but an entry must be made on BROE for the Churcher (University) event. To be eligible for this Trophy, all members of such crews must be in statu pupillari – that is, registered as students of the relevant University or College as at Race day.
Pennants and Plaques to the Head, 2nd and 3rd crews
A Pennant, Plaque and Individual Medals to the fastest crew from a (non-Academic) Club affiliated to BR, SR or WR
A Trophy and Individual Medals to the fastest Overseas crew.
A Pennant, Plaque and Individual Medals the fastest Lightweight crew (qualification to be that all crew members weigh-in at a maximum of 75.0 kg. on Race Day – see BR rule 2-2-1a)




Will be displayed at Putney Embankment clubs and elsewhere as they become available.

Results will also be available by electronic means; site addresses will be listed in the Official Programme

The prize-giving will take place at London Rowing Club in April 2018, by invitation.


Hon. Secretary

Telephone : (+44) 0208-941-6814

e-mail : secretary@horr.co.uk