New Pennants and old Results

February 27, 2013By

All through the year, the HORR Secretariat receives a steady stream of enquiries about numbers of crews entered, results, finishing times and so on. There is also nowadays a welcome trend for clubs to have an archivist, tasked with gathering-together and preserving whatever old records and photographs may be available in drawers and attics. The HORR is proud to help researchers – and the just plain curious – by now making available the results of all Races from the first in 1926.

For entry information, it is quite curious the way that HORR entries have polarised over the last few years, since the latest set of status rules was introduced. The most noticeable has been how the old Senior 4 (which did make up about 21-24%) – now takes up no less than 38-40% of all GB entries as the new Intermediate 3. At the same time, the proportions of Novices and Senior 3/Intermediate 2 entries have stayed about the same. In terms of numbers, there were 89 Novice and 149 Int 3 crews entered for HORR 2012.

As we all know, there has recently been a very significant and very welcome influx of new blood to the sport, and we – the Head committee – are keen to help their numbers.

From this year’s Race, therefore , the Intermediate 3 and Novice awards will both be split into Club and Academic sections. Each will have its own pennant, and – thanks to the generosity of Thames RC – each side of the Novice event will have its own trophy.

Enquiries to Andrew Ruddle via our contact form.

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