Adverse Conditions

The Committee fully realises the huge disruption that can be caused by cancellation, and/or misleading or late information through the different social media. The following protocol will therefore be adopted with effect from the 2016 Race.

  1. The Race is ON, unless a time-stamped message is put out on Twitter, e-mail and the main page of the website stating that it is OFF. Once it has been declared OFF, it will not be reinstated. It is the intention that all 3 media will be updated at the same time, but for operational reasons it may take up to 30-45 minutes.
  2. The two key risks for the event are high wind speeds and high fluvial flow rates (the flow of water from upriver). There will be a scheduled review at 12:00 on Friday 29th March 2019. Depending on the weather forecasts and fluvial flow pattern, there might also be an additional review or reviews at any time between 24th and 29th March.
  3. You are therefore recommended to monitor social media and HORR website from 24th March onwards if the weather forecast shows high wind speeds or if the PLA fluvial flow flag is set at yellow or red.
  4. On race day there will be a course inspection shortly after high water, at which a decision may be made to cancel the race or delay the start. Any cancellation or delay announcement will be made as soon as possible after high water and will be broadcast to crews by race officials and host clubs, and subsequently via Twitter.
  5. It is in your own interests to ensure that you follow the HORR Twitter account, and that the three e-mail addresses you have given via BROE are all correct, up-to-date and different.