Finish#Start#CatTrphP V JCrewNameTimePenCat #PVJ #OtherPosPennant
11HOpenOxford Brookes University Boat Club - A00:16:28.41H:1,Winner of The Fairbairn Trophy And A New Course Record
22HOpenLeander Club - A00:16:30.32H:2,2nd place
33HOpenOxford Brookes University Boat Club - B00:16:38.93H:3,3rd place
54HOpenLeander Club - B00:16:54.25H:5,
45HOpenOxford Brookes University Boat Club - C00:16:50.44H:4,
66COpenVThames Rowing Club - A00:17:16.711C:1, VE:1,Winner of the Club Pennant Winner of the Vernon Trophy
107COpenPMolesey Boat Club - A00:17:23.831C:3, PA:1,Winner of the Page Trophy
88AUnivLondon, University of, Boat Club - A00:17:18.72Univ:2,
99COpenVThames Rowing Club - B00:17:21.222C:2, VE:2,
1910AUnivImperial College Boat Club - A00:17:41.65Univ:5,
1211HOpenLeander Club - C00:17:25.67H:7,
1712COpenNewcastle University Boat Club - A00:17:37.06C:6,
1613AUnivEdinburgh University Boat Club - A00:17:36.94Univ:4,
4414COpenPMolesey Boat Club - B00:18:14.5P193C:19, PA:3,
715AUnivOxford Brookes University Boat Club - D00:17:17.61Univ:1,Winner of the Bernard Churcher Trophy
1316COpenVLondon Rowing Club - A00:17:29.743C:4, VE:3,
1417COpenVThames Rowing Club - C00:17:31.954C:5, VE:4,
2618COpenVThames Rowing Club - D00:17:50.096C:9, VE:6,
2719OOpenCork Boat Club, Ireland - A00:17:51.92OS:2,
2420COpenVVesta Rowing Club - A00:17:49.475C:7, VE:5,
1521AUnivDurham University Boat Club - A00:17:32.43Univ:3,
1122HOpenOxford Brookes University Boat Club - E00:17:25.46H:6,
3323AUnivLondon, University of, Boat Club - B00:17:57.49Univ:9,
3724OOpenUniversity College Dublin Boat Club - A00:18:03.44OS:4,
3525COpenJCity of Bristol Rowing Club - A00:18:00.3143C:14, JA:3,
7026COpenPUpper Thames Rowing Club - A00:18:34.2346C:34, PA:6,
3227COpenVLondon Rowing Club - B00:17:56.7138C:13, VE:8,
5028AUnivImperial College Boat Club - B00:18:21.014Univ:14,
2829COpenPMarlow Rowing Club - A00:17:53.1102C:10, PA:2,
4130AUnivEdinburgh University Boat Club - B00:18:12.511Univ:11,
2131JOJRadley College Boat Club - B00:17:47.91OJ:1Winner of Open Junior Pennant
4632AUnivDurham University Boat Club - B00:18:19.513Univ:13,
1833HOpenOxford Brookes University Boat Club - F00:17:38.38H:8,
4234COpenVVesta Rowing Club - B00:18:13.1189C:18, VE:9,
31235HOpenLeander Club - DSCR9H:9,
5936COpenVLea Rowing Club - A00:18:26.72814C:28, VE:14,
3437AUnivNewcastle University Boat Club - B00:17:58.310Univ:10,
3938COpenLondon, University of, Boat Club - C00:18:08.116C:16,
5539JOJRadley College Boat Club - C00:18:24.02OJ:2
2140OOpenNUI Galway BC, Ireland - B00:17:47.91OS:1,Winner of the Overseas Pennant
2441COpenJRoyal Chester Rowing Club - A00:17:49.471C:7, JA:1,Winner of the Jackson Trophy
2942COpenVThames Rowing Club - E00:17:53.3117C:11, VE:7,
7143JOJWestminster School Boat Club - A00:18:35.14OJ:4
6844CVBVThames Rowing Club - G00:18:31.9P3316C:33, VE:16, VB:1Winner of Masters B Pennant
2045AUnivBristol, University of, Boat Club - A00:17:46.96Univ:6,
3846COpenJTyne Amateur Rowing Club - A00:18:04.7154C:15, JA:4,
7847AUnivExeter University Boat Club - A00:18:40.123Univ:23,
3148AUnivOxford Brookes University Boat Club - H00:17:56.38Univ:8,
3649OOpenMuenchener Ruder-Club von1880 e.V., Germany - A00:18:02.43OS:3,
5650COpenJCity of Cambridge Rowing Club - A00:18:24.8267C:26, JA:7,
4751COpenVLondon Rowing Club - C00:18:20.52110C:21, VE:10,
31252CVBPMolesey Boat Club - CSCR14719C:147, PA:19, VB:10
4053COpenJNottingham Rowing Club -00:18:10.0175C:17, JA:5,
5254COpenVThames Rowing Club - F00:18:22.02411C:24, VE:11,
6255COpenPCity of Oxford Rowing Club - A00:18:27.9315C:31, PA:5,
2356AUnivOxford Brookes University Boat Club - G00:17:48.97Univ:7,
3057COpenJAgecroft Rowing Club - A00:17:56.2122C:12, JA:2,
6358COpenJCambridge 99 Rowing Club - A00:18:28.3329C:32, JA:9,
6759OOpenCork Boat Club, Ireland - B00:18:31.76OS:6,
4860OOpenUniversity College Dublin Boat Club - B00:18:20.95OS:5,
7661COpenJCity of Bristol Rowing Club - B00:18:37.63612C:36, JA:12,
9162AUnivImperial College Boat Club - C00:18:45.625Univ:25,
5363AUnivNewcastle University Boat Club - C00:18:22.215Univ:15,
9464OOpenSeeclub Stäfa, Switzerland - A00:18:47.810OS:10,
10165OOpenBessel Ruder Club, Germany - A00:18:50.611OS:11,
11266MAUnivCollingwood College Boat Club - A00:18:58.531Univ:31, MA:3,
6167COpenVTideway Scullers School - A00:18:27.43015C:30, VE:15,
5868COpenVVesta Rowing Club - C00:18:25.92713C:27, VE:13,
9569COpenVCurlew Rowing Club - B00:18:48.14617C:46, VE:17,
10670JOJRadley College Boat Club - A00:18:56.27OJ:7
9871AUnivEdinburgh University Boat Club - C00:18:49.428Univ:28,
4572COpenJDerby Rowing Club - A00:18:18.8206C:20, JA:6,
5173COpenPKingston Rowing Club - A00:18:21.2234C:23, PA:4,
10374COpenJLeeds Rowing Club - A00:18:54.04921C:49, JA:21,
13675COpenJCity of Cambridge Rowing Club - B00:19:08.36732C:67, JA:32,
8476COpenPMarlow Rowing Club - B00:18:42.9407C:40, PA:7,
8277COpenJAgecroft Rowing Club - B00:18:41.33916C:39, JA:16,
14978COpenJMinerva Bath Rowing Club - A00:19:20.37334C:73, JA:34,
8079OOpenClub Remo Guadalquivir 86 -00:18:40.97OS:7,
12980OOpenHellas-Titania Berlin Rudervereinigung -00:19:06.212OS:12,
19581OOpenRuderclub Schaffhausen, Switzerland - A00:19:54.122OS:22,
9282COpenPReading Rowing Club - B00:18:45.9448C:44, PA:8,
14283MCOpenVMaidstone Invicta Rowing Club - A00:19:13.46924MC:7, C:69, VE:24,
5784AUnivBath University Boat Club - A00:18:25.016Univ:16,
15185CVCVLondon Rowing Club - E00:19:23.2P7526C:75, VE:26, VC:1Winner of Masters C Pennant
31286AUnivBristol, University of, Boat Club - BDNF123
7487AUnivDurham University Boat Club - C00:18:36.221Univ:21,
20388JOJWestminster School Boat Club - B00:19:57.211OJ:11
9389SCOpenJGrosvenor Rowing Club, Chester - A00:18:46.14518SC:2, C:45, JA:18,
16190MCOpenVEast India Club Rowing Section - A00:19:34.97928MC:11, C:79, VE:28,
9691AUnivLiverpool University Boat Club - A00:18:48.626Univ:26,
8592AUnivNewcastle University Boat Club - D00:18:43.024Univ:24,
12393COpenJCity of Cambridge Rowing Club - C00:19:05.06329C:63, JA:29,
9994COpenJNonesuch Boat Club - A00:18:50.34719C:47, JA:19,
6595MAUnivUniversity of York Boat Club - A00:18:29.218Univ:18, MA:1,Winner of the Medium Academic Pennant
5496COpenVTideway Scullers School - B00:18:23.22512C:25, VE:12,
9097CHMFArmy Rowing Club - A00:18:45.043HMF:1, C:43,Fastest Services Crew
12098COpenJTyne Amateur Rowing Club - B00:19:02.06027C:60, JA:27,
4299AUnivNottingham University Boat Club - A00:18:13.112Univ:12,
87100OOpenNUI Galway BC, Ireland - A00:18:43.69OS:9,
66101MAUnivLancaster University Boat Club - A00:18:29.619Univ:19, MA:2,
104102COpenVVesta Rowing Club - E00:18:54.15018C:50, VE:18,
113103COpenJRoyal Chester Rowing Club - B00:18:59.35524C:55, JA:24,
150104MCOpenJDurham Amateur Rowing Club - A00:19:20.87435MC:9, C:74, JA:35,
88105COpenJSt Andrew Boat Club -00:18:43.94217C:42, JA:17,
126106AUnivSwansea University Rowing Club - B00:19:05.633Univ:33,
312107AUnivOxford Brookes University Boat Club - ISCR123Univ:102,
146108COpenVQuintin Boat Club - B00:19:15.67125C:71, VE:25,
122109COpenVLondon Rowing Club - D00:19:04.96221C:62, VE:21,
96110AUnivNottingham University Boat Club - B00:18:48.626Univ:26,
177111MAUnivSt Hild & St Bede College Boat Club - A00:19:43.355Univ:57, MA:18,
133112CCJJNottingham and Union Rowing Club - A00:19:07.16630C:66, JA:30, CJ:3
126113AUnivSouthampton University Boat Club - A00:19:05.6331Univ:33,
312114COpenPUpper Thames Rowing Club - BSCR14719C:147, PA:19,
60115COpenJCantabrigian Rowing Club - A00:18:27.2298C:29, JA:8,
110116COpenVQuintin Boat Club - A00:18:56.85319C:53, VE:19,
232117COpenJCambridge 99 Rowing Club - B00:20:17.311353C:113, JA:53,
73118MCOpenJHereford Rowing Club - A00:18:35.53511MC:1, C:35, JA:11,Winner of the Medium Club Pennant
108119MCOpenJNottinghamshire County Rowing Assn - A00:18:56.75222MC:5, C:52, JA:22,
118120COpenVVesta Rowing Club - D00:19:00.95920C:59, VE:20,
86121COpenUniversity College (Oxford) Boat Club - A00:18:43.441C:41,
125122COpenVLea Rowing Club - B00:19:05.26523C:65, VE:23,
124123COpenVAuriol Kensington Rowing Club - A00:19:05.16422C:64, VE:22,
79124MCOpenJStar Club - A00:18:40.53814MC:2, C:38, JA:14,
129125MAUnivUniversity College London Boat Club - A00:19:06.236Univ:36, MA:5,
159126MCOpenVTwickenham Rowing Club - B00:19:31.37827MC:10, C:78, VE:27,
138127COpenOriel College Boat Club - A00:19:09.368C:68,
157128AUnivWarwick, University of, Boat Club - A00:19:26.747Univ:47,
108129JOJMonmouth School Rowing Club -00:18:56.78OJ:8
137130MAUnivManchester University Boat Club - A00:19:08.940Univ:40, MA:9,
145131AUnivStephenson College Boat Club - A00:19:15.542Univ:42,
69132JOJJLlandaff Rowing Club - A00:18:33.6310JA:10, OJ:3
212133COpenVUrsus Boat Club - A00:20:00.410135C:101, VE:35,
117134COpenJMonmouth Rowing Club - A00:19:00.85826C:58, JA:26,
89135JOJWinchester College Boat Club - A00:18:44.86OJ:6
178136COpenVPutney Town Rowing Club - A00:19:43.48630C:86, VE:30,
170137COpenJLeeds Rowing Club - B00:19:37.48338C:83, JA:38,
115138CVBPHenley Rowing Club - A00:19:00.75610C:56, PA:10, VB:2
183139MCVBPOxford Academicals Rowing Club - A00:19:45.28713MC:15, C:87, PA:13, VB:5
173140MAUnivCollingwood College Boat Club - B00:19:40.453Univ:54, MA:17,
168141MAUnivGrey College Boat Club - A00:19:36.751Univ:52, MA:16,
174142AUnivNottingham University Boat Club - C00:19:42.054Univ:55,
205143MCOpenJDurham Amateur Rowing Club - B00:19:57.99743MC:18, C:97, JA:43,
81144JOJJScottish Argonauts - A00:18:41.1515JA:15, OJ:5
267145COpenVCurlew Rowing Club - C00:20:51.512643C:126, VE:43,
163146MCCJJYork City Rowing Club - B00:19:36.38037MC:13, C:80, JA:37, CJ:5
216147AUnivExeter University Boat Club - B00:20:02.571Univ:70,
246148COpenVCurlew Rowing Club - A00:20:26.211939C:119, VE:39,
143149COpenPCity of Oxford Rowing Club - B00:19:13.57011C:70, PA:11,
182150MAUnivUniversity College (Oxford) Boat Club - B00:19:44.957Univ:58, MA:19,
218151SAUnivUniversity College (Durham) Boat Club - A00:20:05.772Univ:71, SA:2,
72152AUnivSheffield University Rowing Club - A00:18:35.420Univ:20,
249153MAUnivHatfield College Boat Club - A00:20:29.588Univ:80, MA:33,
64154AUnivLady Margaret Boat Club - A00:18:28.517Univ:17,
156155AUnivBath University Boat Club - B00:19:26.646Univ:46,
107156AUnivEmmanuel Boat Club - A00:18:56.330Univ:30,
201157SAUnivSt Johns College (Durham) Boat Club - A00:19:56.666Univ:65, SA:1,Winner of the Small Academic Pennant
260158MAUnivLancaster University Boat Club - B00:20:41.896Univ:84, MA:40,
131159MAUnivQueens' College (Cambridge) Boat Club - A00:19:06.337Univ:37, MA:6,
128160AUnivBirmingham, University of, Boat Club - A00:19:05.735Univ:35,
220161MAUnivUniversity of York Boat Club - B00:20:06.874Univ:72, MA:29,
154162MAUnivEast Anglia, University of, Boat Club - A00:19:26.045Univ:45, MA:12,
236163AABImperial College Boat Club - E00:20:22.481AB:7,
244164AUnivTrevelyan College Boat Club - A00:20:25.685Univ:78,
257165MAUnivCollingwood College Boat Club - C00:20:39.394Univ:82, MA:38,
160166MAUnivOriel College Boat Club - B00:19:34.549Univ:49, MA:14,
270167AUnivWarwick, University of, Boat Club - B00:20:58.1101Univ:89,
207168AUnivSouthampton University Boat Club - B00:19:58.6692Univ:68,
234169MAUnivImperial College School Of Medicine Boat Club - A00:20:18.979Univ:76, MA:32,
312170MAUnivFirst and Third Trinity Boat Club - ASCR123Univ:102, MA:55,
262171SAUnivVan Mildert Boat Club - A00:20:42.697Univ:85, SA:4,
164172OUnivU.S.R. Triton, Utrecht, Netherlands -00:19:36.417OS:17, Univ:50,
152173MAUnivJesus College (Cambridge) Boat Club - B00:19:23.944Univ:44, MA:11,
188174MAUnivChurchill College Boat Club -00:19:50.460Univ:60, MA:21,
223175MAUnivNew College Boat Club - A00:20:07.975Univ:73, MA:30,
132176MAUnivKings College Boat Club - A00:19:06.538Univ:38, MA:7,
238177AUnivSouth College (Durham) Boat Club - A00:20:22.682Univ:77,
169178AUnivPembroke College (Oxford) Boat Club - A00:19:37.252Univ:53,
265179AUnivLiverpool University Boat Club - B00:20:47.699Univ:87,
259180MAUnivButler College Boat Club - A00:20:41.595Univ:83, MA:39,
134181MAUnivDowning College Boat Club - A00:19:07.539Univ:39, MA:8,
264182MAUnivKings College London Boat Club - A00:20:44.898Univ:86, MA:41,
266183MAUnivSt Bartholomew's & The Royal London Hospital's BC - A00:20:48.1100Univ:88, MA:42,
158184MAUnivFitzwilliam College Boat Club - A00:19:30.048Univ:48, MA:13,
286185MAUnivHatfield College Boat Club - B00:21:16.3109Univ:94, MA:46,
253186MAABUniversity College London Boat Club - B00:20:35.192AB:14, MA:36,
293187MAUnivGrey College Boat Club - B00:21:36.0113Univ:98, MA:49,
245188AUnivLady Margaret Boat Club - B00:20:26.086Univ:79,
255189MAUnivNew College Boat Club - B00:20:37.293Univ:81, MA:37,
290190MAUnivSt Hild & St Bede College Boat Club - B00:21:31.9112Univ:97, MA:48,
204191MAUnivSt Edmund Hall Boat Club - A00:19:57.367Univ:66, MA:25,
114192MAUnivCardiff University Rowing Club - A00:18:59.632Univ:32, MA:4,
189193MAUnivSelwyn College Boat Club - A00:19:50.661Univ:61, MA:22,
305194MAUnivCollingwood College Boat Club - D00:22:20.1119Univ:101, MA:52,
271195AUnivBirmingham, University of, Boat Club - B00:20:58.4102Univ:90,
184196AABUniversity of Surrey Boat Club - A00:19:45.958AB:2,
251197MAABEast Anglia, University of, Boat Club - B00:20:34.190AB:12, MA:34,
198198MAUnivPembroke College (Cambridge) Boat Club - A00:19:54.964Univ:63, MA:24,
276199MAUnivHughes Hall Boat Club - A00:21:06.9106Univ:92, MA:43,
230200AABBristol, University of, Boat Club - C00:20:12.578AB:5,
228201COpenJCity of Cambridge Rowing Club - D00:20:10.711152C:111, JA:52,
195202COpenPReading Rowing Club - C00:19:54.19414C:94, PA:14,
48203CCJHinksey Sculling School - A00:18:20.922C:22, CJ:1Winner of Club Junior Pennant
83204OOpenRuderclub Schaffhausen, Switzerland - B00:18:42.48OS:8,
179205OOpenAkademische Ruderverbindung "Westfalen" - A00:19:44.020OS:20,
138206OOpenMuenchener Ruder-Club von1880 e.V., Germany - B00:19:09.313OS:13,
102207MCOpenJBroxbourne Rowing Club - A00:18:51.94820MC:3, C:48, JA:20,
194208MCOpenJRuncorn Rowing Club - A00:19:54.09342MC:17, C:93, JA:42,
193209COpenVAuriol Kensington Rowing Club - B00:19:53.39232C:92, VE:32,
172210MCOpenJWarrington Rowing Club - A00:19:39.58439MC:14, C:84, JA:39,
213211COpenPKingston Rowing Club - B00:20:00.710215C:102, PA:15,
202212COpenVLea Rowing Club - C00:19:57.09633C:96, VE:33,
111213MCOpenJDart Totnes Amateur Rowing Club - A00:18:57.15423MC:6, C:54, JA:23,
115214COpenJCantabrigian Rowing Club - B00:19:00.75625C:56, JA:25,
210215MCOpenVTwickenham Rowing Club - A00:19:59.810034MC:21, C:100, VE:34,
162216MCVDRoyal Maas Yachtclub - A00:19:35.316OS:16, MC:12, VD:1Winner of Masters D Pennant
171217OVDNeptune Rowing Club, Ireland -00:19:38.118OS:18, VD:2
312218JOJWinchester College Boat Club - BSCR12OJ:12
119219JOJCanford School Boat Club - A00:19:01.19OJ:9
263220SCVCJTrafford Rowing Club - A00:20:43.012557SC:5, C:125, JA:57, VC:3
166221CVCVPutney Town Rowing Club - C00:19:36.58229C:82, VE:29, VC:2
175222CVDJNottingham and Union Rowing Club - B00:19:42.38540C:85, JA:40, VD:3
105223MCOpenPWallingford Rowing Club - A00:18:55.2519MC:4, C:51, PA:9,
121224COpenJCantabrigian Rowing Club - C00:19:04.16128C:61, JA:28,
227225MCOpenPStaines Boat Club - D00:20:10.211016MC:23, C:110, PA:16,
240226MCHMFRoyal Air Force Rowing Club - A00:20:23.0117HMF:2, MC:26, C:117,
289227MCOpenPOxford Academicals Rowing Club - B00:21:29.213618MC:28, C:136, PA:18,
261228COpenJCity of Cambridge Rowing Club - E00:20:42.012456C:124, JA:56,
269229SCVDJAberdeen Boat Club -00:20:54.712859SC:6, C:128, JA:59, VD:4
147230CCJJNewark Rowing Club - A00:19:15.87233C:72, JA:33, CJ:4
135231JOJJScottish Argonauts - B00:19:08.01031JA:31, OJ:10
274232SCOpenJNorthampton Rowing Club - A00:21:02.012960SC:7, C:129, JA:60,
187233COpenJDerby Rowing Club - B00:19:48.08941C:89, JA:41,
215234COpenJTyne Amateur Rowing Club - C00:20:01.410447C:104, JA:47,
256235MCOpenJLlandaff Rowing Club - B00:20:37.812255MC:27, C:122, JA:55,
247236COpenVLea Rowing Club - D00:20:27.312040C:120, VE:40,
207237MCOpenJSheffield, City Of, Rowing Club - A00:19:58.69844MC:19, C:98, JA:44,
222238COpenVAuriol Kensington Rowing Club - C00:20:07.810736C:107, VE:36,
191239COpenSt Andrews University Boat Club - B00:19:52.590C:90,
164240COpenGreen Templeton Boat Club - A00:19:36.481C:81,
153241CVBJBexhill Rowing Club - A00:19:25.87636C:76, JA:36, VB:3
214242MCVBJBridgnorth Rowing Club - A00:20:01.210346MC:22, C:103, JA:46, VB:6
226243COpenJCity of Bristol Rowing Club - C00:20:09.510951C:109, JA:51,
280244COpenJCantabrigian Rowing Club - D00:21:08.413061C:130, JA:61,
144245MCOpenFavorite Hammonia Hamburg Ruderclub -00:19:13.615OS:15, MC:8,
217246COpenJRoyal Chester Rowing Club - C00:20:03.010548C:105, JA:48,
209247MCOpenJYork City Rowing Club - A00:19:58.79945MC:20, C:99, JA:45,
276248OOpenAkademische Ruderverbindung "Westfalen" - B00:21:06.923OS:23,
140249OOpenCanottieri Limite, Italy - L00:19:12.814OS:14,
304250OOpenUnion Nautique Bruxelles, BEL - A00:22:18.924OS:24,
312251SAUnivUniversity College (Durham) Boat Club - BDNS123
273252AUnivSalford University Boat Club - A00:20:59.5104Univ:91,
312253AABImperial College Boat Club - DDNS123
206254MAUnivFitzwilliam College Boat Club - B00:19:58.368Univ:67, MA:26,
235255AABSwansea University Rowing Club - A00:20:22.180AB:6,
303256SAUnivSt Johns College (Durham) Boat Club - B00:22:18.4118Univ:100, SA:7,
211257MAUnivHomerton College Boat Club -00:20:00.170Univ:69, MA:27,
229258SAUnivRoyal Free & Univ Coll Medical School Boat Club - A00:20:12.277Univ:75, SA:3,
275259AABSouthampton University Boat Club - C00:21:06.41053AB:16,
312260MAUnivJesus College (Cambridge) Boat Club - ASCR123Univ:102, MA:55,
197261MAUnivPembroke College (Cambridge) Boat Club - B00:19:54.863Univ:62, MA:23,
75262AUnivSt Andrews University Boat Club - A00:18:37.322Univ:22,
278263MAUnivMerton College Boat Club - A00:21:07.1107Univ:93, MA:44,
181264AABExeter University Boat Club - C00:19:44.856AB:1,Winner of the Academic Beginner Trophy
241265AABSheffield University Rowing Club - B00:20:24.483AB:8,
287266MAUnivLondon School Of Economics Rowing Club - A00:21:17.8P110Univ:95, MA:47,
294267MAABUniversity College London Boat Club - C00:21:40.8114AB:18, MA:50,
252268MAABUniversity of York Boat Club - C00:20:34.791AB:13, MA:35,
99269AUnivClare Boat Club -00:18:50.329Univ:29,
190270AABWarwick, University of, Boat Club - C00:19:50.962AB:3,
184271MAUnivHeriot-Watt University Boat Club - A00:19:45.958Univ:59, MA:20,
298272SAUnivRoyal Free & Univ Coll Medical School Boat Club - B00:21:59.7116Univ:99, SA:6,
218273MAABCardiff University Rowing Club - B00:20:05.772AB:4, MA:28,
166274MAUnivBrasenose College Boat Club - A00:19:36.550Univ:51, MA:15,
224275MAUnivFirst and Third Trinity Boat Club - B00:20:08.076Univ:74, MA:31,
288276SAUnivQueen Mary, Univ. of London, Boat Club - A00:21:20.6111Univ:96, SA:5,
301277MAABCardiff University Rowing Club - C00:22:07.6117AB:20, MA:51,
309278MAABUniversity College London Boat Club - D00:23:20.9121AB:22, MA:54,
200279AUnivEmmanuel Boat Club - B00:19:55.365Univ:64,
140280MAUnivCorpus Christi College (Cambridge) BC - A00:19:12.841Univ:41, MA:10,
148281AUnivTrinity Hall Boat Club - A00:19:19.043Univ:43,
241282AABBath University Boat Club - C00:20:24.483AB:8,
308283MAABKings College London Boat Club - B00:22:51.6P120AB:21, MA:53,
272284AABLeeds University Boat Club - A00:20:58.6103AB:15,
279285MAABManchester University Boat Club - B00:21:07.3108AB:17, MA:45,
250286AABNottingham University Boat Club - D00:20:32.889AB:11,
311287SAABQueen Mary, Univ. of London, Boat Club - B00:24:02.8122AB:23, SA:8,
248288AABUniversity of Surrey Boat Club - B00:20:28.087AB:10,
296289AABWarwick, University of, Boat Club - D00:21:49.8115AB:19,
176290OUnivAviron CentraleSupélec Paris, France - A00:19:42.919OS:19, Univ:56,
295291SCOpenVCygnet Rowing Club - A00:21:46.113948SC:10, C:139, VE:48,
285292COpenPeterhouse Boat Club - A00:21:16.0135C:135,
283293COpenVLea Rowing Club - E00:21:14.713345C:133, VE:45,
77294SCCJJTrentham Boat Club - A00:18:38.63713SC:1, C:37, JA:13, CJ:2Winner of the Small Club Pennant
268295COpenJCambridge 99 Rowing Club - C00:20:54.412758C:127, JA:58,
180296OVBClub Nautico Sevilla - A00:19:44.521OS:21, VB:4
307297MCOpenVGlobe Rowing Club - B00:22:29.114552MC:31, C:145, VE:52,
241298CCJJItchen Imperial Rowing Club - A00:20:24.411854C:118, JA:54, CJ:6
258299SCOpenVGravesend Rowing Club - A00:20:40.712342SC:4, C:123, VE:42,
233300MCOpenVFurnivall Sculling Club - A00:20:17.711437MC:24, C:114, VE:37,
231301COpenLeicester University Boat Club - A00:20:16.6112C:112,
224302SCOpenJLeicester Rowing Club - A00:20:08.010850SC:3, C:108, JA:50,
192303MCOpenVPoplar Blackwall & District Rowing Club - A00:19:52.89131MC:16, C:91, VE:31,
155304COpenPKingston Rowing Club - C00:19:26.17712C:77, PA:12,
254305COpenVVesta Rowing Club - G00:20:35.612141C:121, VE:41,
236306COpenPMarlow Rowing Club - A00:20:22.411517C:115, PA:17,
186307COpenLinacre Boat Club - A00:19:47.288C:88,
199308COpenStrathclyde University Boat Club - A00:19:55.095C:95,
282309SCVBVLondon Otters Rowing Club - A00:21:14.013244SC:8, C:132, VE:44, VB:7
221310COpenJCantabrigian Rowing Club - E00:20:07.610649C:106, JA:49,
281311COpenGreen Templeton Boat Club - B00:21:11.4131C:131,
284312CCBJCity of Cambridge Rowing Club - F00:21:14.913462CB:1, C:134, JA:62,Winner of the Club Beginner Trophy
291313CCBVVesta Rowing Club - F00:21:34.413746CB:2, C:137, VE:46,
239314MCOpenVFulham Reach Boat Club - A00:20:22.711638MC:25, C:116, VE:38,
292315SCVBVLondon Otters Rowing Club - B00:21:35.113847SC:9, C:138, VE:47, VB:8
310316SCVBVLondon Otters Rowing Club - C00:23:55.114653SC:11, C:146, VE:53, VB:9
299317CCBJCity of Bristol Rowing Club - D00:22:01.814163CB:3, C:141, JA:63,
297318MCOpenVFurnivall Sculling Club - B00:21:57.714049MC:29, C:140, VE:49,
306319MCOpenJBroxbourne Rowing Club - B00:22:20.914464MC:30, C:144, JA:64,
300320CCBVPutney Town Rowing Club - B00:22:06.814250CB:4, C:142, VE:50,
302321COpenVAuriol Kensington Rowing Club - D00:22:16.414351C:143, VE:51,