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1AOpen Oxford Brookes Univ A00:17:11.8P11  Winner of The Fairbairn Trophy
2COpen Leander A00:17:15.0 21  2nd place Winner of the Club Pennant
3AOpen Oxford Brookes Univ B00:17:15.1 32  3rd place
4COpenPLeander B00:17:20.0 421  Winner of the Page Trophy
5AU Oxford Brookes Univ C00:17:37.0 73 Univ:1, Winner of the Bernard Churcher Trophy
6AOpen Univ of London BC A00:17:53.9 106   
7COpenVThames RC A00:17:58.8 1351  Winner of the Vernon Trophy
8COpenPMolesey BC A00:17:27.0 532  
9AU Imperial Coll A00:17:43.4 84 Univ:2,  
11AU Oxford Brookes Univ D00:18:00.1P148 Univ:4,  
12OOS CVK Praha00:18:25.2 286 OS:6,  
13COpenVTideway Scullers Sch A00:18:24.0 27125  
14AOpen Newcastle Univ A00:17:48.2 95   
15OOS Chinese Rowing Federation, China00:17:31.7 61 OS:1, Winner of the Overseas Entrant Trophy
16COpenPLeander C00:17:55.8 1143  
17AU Oxford Brookes Univ E00:17:56.7 127 Univ:3,  
18AU Durham Univ BC A00:18:29.6 3314 Univ:9,  
19COpenVThames RC B00:18:18.3 2293  
20AU Univ of London BC B00:18:33.4 3816 Univ:11,  
21COpenJAgecroft A00:18:30.3 35142  
22ALwt Newcastle Univ B00:18:21.3 2410 Lwt:1, Winner of the Lightweight Pennant
23COpenJTyne ARC A00:18:23.6 26111  Winner of the Jackson Trophy
24COpenPMolesey BC B00:18:05.3 1564  
25COpenPKingston RC A00:18:15.4 1885  
26COpenVThames RC C00:18:13.2 1672  
27AU Newcastle Univ C00:18:35.4 4118 Univ:13,  
28OOS Cork Boat Club00:18:30.1 347 OS:7,  
29AU Newcastle Univ D00:19:01.5 6830 Univ:23,  
30AU Oxford Brookes Univ G00:18:15.6 199 Univ:5,  
31COpenVLea RC A00:18:18.8 23104  
32AU Imperial Coll B00:18:31.0 3615 Univ:10,  
34COpenVThames RC D00:18:31.8 37157  
35COpenPUpper Thames RC A00:18:42.2 49217  
36AU Imperial Coll C00:19:25.3 10040 Univ:32,  
37AU Eton Coll00:18:25.2 2811 Univ:6,  
38AU Bristol Univ A00:18:34.7 4017 Univ:12,  
39COpenVQuintin BC C00:18:25.3 30136  
40COpenJRoyal Chester A00:18:37.3 42173  
41OOS Bessel R C A00:19:12.6 8415 OS:15,  
42OOS Commercial RC, IRE A00:18:15.9 203 OS:3,  
43OOS Commercial RC, IRE B00:18:43.1 509 OS:9,  
44OOS C.R.O Orio A.E. A00:18:13.4 172 OS:2,  
45OOS Hondarribia A E A00:18:17.9 214 OS:4,  
46OOS Muenchener RC00:18:41.4 478 OS:8,  
47OOS Ruderclub Deutschland e.V. A00:18:22.0 255 OS:5,  
48OOS Ruderclub Nurtingen 1921 e.V. Germany00:19:03.7P7314 OS:14,  
50COpenVLea RC B00:19:25.6 1014619  
52COpenPMolesey BC D00:19:09.0 803511  
53COpenVLondon RC A00:18:33.8 39168  
54AU Warwick Univ A00:19:20.8 9638 Univ:30,  
55COpenVThames RC E00:18:44.7 52229  
56COpenPMolesey BC C00:18:41.9 48206  
58COpenJCity of Bristol A00:18:38.4 44184  
59COpenJNottingham RC A00:19:04.1 74307  
60AU Nottingham Univ A00:18:25.6 3112 Univ:7,  
61AU Univ of London BC C00:18:49.8 5523 Univ:18,  
62AU Hampton Sch BC A00:18:56.2 5725 Univ:20,  
63AOpen Imperial Coll F00:18:59.5 5926   
64MAU St Aidans Coll A00:19:06.6 7831 Univ:24, MA:2,  
65COpenVPutney Town RC A00:19:13.9 884016  
66COpenJCambridge 99 A00:18:40.1 46195  
67COpenVQuintin BC A00:19:05.5 763214  
68AU Radley College B00:19:26.5 10341 Univ:33,  
69COpenVLea RC C00:19:21.7 984418  
70COpenPCity of Oxford A00:18:49.3 54238  
71COpenJMonmouth RC A00:19:11.6 823710  
72COpenPKingston RC B00:19:00.4 64259  
73COpenJCity of Bristol B00:19:02.9 72296  
74AU Bristol Univ B00:19:18.5 9235 Univ:27,  
75COpenJAgecroft B00:19:05.5 76329  
76AU Oxford Brookes Univ F00:18:46.0 5322 Univ:17,  
77AU Exeter Univ A00:18:29.3 3213 Univ:8,  
78COpenVCurlew A00:19:09.5 813615  
79COpenVVesta RC A00:19:00.0 632410  
80AU Winchester Coll A00:19:47.8 12451 Univ:43,  
81COpenJAgecroft C00:19:38.6 1135219  
82OOS A R Westfalen A00:18:59.8 6111 OS:11,  
83OOS Aviron Bayonnais, France A00:18:58.5 5810 OS:10,  
84OOS C. d'Aviron Vevey A00:19:00.5 6512 OS:12,  
85OOS Hellas-Titania Berlin Rudervereinigung A00:19:01.3 6613 OS:13,  
86OOS Rc Tegel A00:20:00.7 14717 OS:17,  
87COpenVVesta RC C00:20:13.0 1657725  
88COpenJCity of Cambridge A00:19:47.4 1235823  
89COpenPWalton RC B00:19:08.1 793410  
90MCOpenPWallingford RC A00:19:53.4 1346415 MC:5,  
91ALwt Nottingham Univ B00:18:59.7 6027 Lwt:2,  
92COpenVLondon RC B00:19:02.5 712813  
93AU Warwick Univ B00:19:31.0 10643 Univ:35,  
94CHMF UK Armed Forces A00:19:13.4 8639 HMF:1, Fastest Services Crew
95COpenVAuriol Kensington A00:19:17.6 914217  
96AU Exeter Univ B00:19:18.6P9336 Univ:28,  
97AU Southampton Univ BC A00:19:20.0 9537 Univ:29,  
98COpenVTideway Scullers Sch B00:19:01.9 702712  
99AU Durham Univ BC B00:19:01.3 6629 Univ:22,  
100COpenJLeeds RC A00:19:21.8 994514  
101COpenJBroxbourne RC A00:19:28.0 1044815  
102AU Glasgow Univ BC A00:18:38.9 4520 Univ:15,  
103COpenJSabrina A00:19:04.3 75318  
104MAU Barts & The London A00:19:38.4 11246 Univ:38, MA:5,  
105AU Oxford Brookes Univ HNo Time 299151 Univ:106,  
106AU Winchester Coll B00:19:14.7 8934 Univ:26,  
107COpenVCurlew B00:20:11.0 1617424  
108AU Leeds Univ A00:18:55.5P5624 Univ:19,  
109MAU St Andrews Univ A00:18:59.9 6228 Univ:21, MA:1, Winner of the Medium Acedemic Pennant
110COpenVUL Tyrian Club A00:19:01.7 692611  
111AOpen Sheffield Univ A00:19:13.7 8733   
112AU Bath Univ A00:18:38.1 4319 Univ:14,  
113MCOpenJMinerva Bath A00:19:11.9 833811 MC:1, Winner of the Medium Club Pennant
114AU Birmingham Univ A00:19:21.4 9739 Univ:31,  
115AU Exeter Univ C00:19:37.6 11145 Univ:37,  
116COpenVVesta RC B00:19:26.4 1024720  
117AU Nottingham Univ C00:19:13.0 8532 Univ:25,  
118MAU Hatfield Coll A00:19:40.6 11548 Univ:40, MA:7,  
119AU St Pauls Sch BC00:20:37.9 20596 Univ:80,  
120COpenJTyne ARC B00:19:19.2 944313  
121COpenPReading RC A00:19:46.6 1205613  
122COpenJExeter RC00:19:15.1 904112  
123COpenJRoyal Chester B00:19:34.7 1095017  
124MCOpenJChristchurch RC A00:19:44.6 1195521 MC:2,  
125COpenJTyne ARC D00:20:28.2 1928536  
126AU Hampton Sch BC B00:19:49.7 13053 Univ:45,  
127COpenVAuriol Kensington B00:20:15.3 1667826  
128MCCBVFulham Reach A00:21:06.6 23410436CB:3, MC:13,  
129COpenJYork City B00:19:37.2 1105118  
130COpen Cardiff Univ Alumni RC A00:20:03.2 15371   
131COpenVHSBC RC A00:19:48.9 1276022  
132OOS A R Westfalen B00:21:11.5 24020 OS:20,  
133OOS C. d'Aviron Vevey B00:19:55.8 13616 OS:16,  
134OOS Polytechniker RC Zurich (CHE) A00:21:44.2 26622 OS:22,  
135MAU Kings Coll London A00:20:03.5 15567 Univ:55, MA:17,  
136MAU Liverpool Univ BC A00:19:34.2 10844 Univ:36, MA:4,  
137MAU St Cuthberts Society BC A00:20:38.8 20697 Univ:81, MA:27,  
138MAU Van Mildert BC00:21:27.2P253118 Univ:92, MA:38,  
139COpenVLea RC D00:19:58.4 1436823  
140SAU Grey College A00:20:22.9 17880 Univ:66, SA:4,  
141MAU York Univ A00:20:04.8 15769 Univ:57, MA:19,  
142MAU Univ of Surrey BC B00:19:29.2P10542 Univ:34, MA:3,  
143MCOpenVTwickenham RC A00:20:27.8 1908428 MC:9,  
144AU Glasgow Univ BC B00:19:49.8 13154 Univ:46,  
145MCOpenJMinerva Bath B00:20:56.6 2229642 MC:11,  
146MAU Trinity Coll Ox00:20:02.9 15265 Univ:53, MA:15,  
147COpenJCity of Bristol C00:20:38.8 2069240  
148AU Hampton Sch BC C00:20:39.4 20898 Univ:82,  
149COpenJNottingham RC B00:19:56.8 1396627  
150MAU Collingwood Coll A00:20:24.2 18082 Univ:68, MA:22,  
151MAU Cardiff Univ BC A00:20:20.6 17275 Univ:63, MA:21,  
152AU Downing Coll A00:20:18.4 16973 Univ:61,  
153AU Strathclyde Univ A00:19:42.7 11749 Univ:41,  
155AOpen Exeter Univ E00:20:37.1 20295   
156MAU Hull Univ A00:20:26.2 18485 Univ:71, MA:23,  
157AU Edinburgh Univ BC B00:18:43.8 5121 Univ:16,  
159MAU Univ Coll Lon BC A00:22:05.4 275131 Univ:99, MA:46,  
160MAU Lady Margaret Hall A00:20:10.4 16070 Univ:58, MA:20,  
161AU Pembroke Coll (C) A00:19:48.5 12652 Univ:44,  
162MAU Leicester Univ A00:19:53.1 13355 Univ:47, MA:8,  
163SAOpen Brasenose Coll A00:20:01.9 14963  SA:1, Winner of the Small Acedemic Pennant
164AU Christ Church A00:20:22.2 17678 Univ:65,  
188AU Manchester, The Univ BC A00:20:18.4 16973 Univ:61,  
166AU Leeds Univ B00:20:23.0 17981 Univ:67,  
167MAU Merton Coll A00:19:40.4 11447 Univ:39, MA:6,  
168MAU York Univ B00:20:59.1 224108 Univ:87, MA:31,  
169AOpen Oratory Sch A00:20:26.8 18686   
170MAU East Anglia Univ A00:20:33.0 19792 Univ:76, MA:25,  
171MAU Hatfield Coll B00:21:18.3 245115 Univ:90, MA:37,  
172SAAB Royal Holloway BC A00:22:00.0 272128 AB:16, SA:11,  
173SAU Balliol Coll A00:20:15.8 16772 Univ:60, SA:3,  
174MAU Emmanuel BC A00:19:56.1 13756 Univ:48, MA:9,  
175AU Corpus Christi College (O) A00:20:21.1 17476 Univ:64,  
176MAU Corpus Christi College (C) A00:20:27.9 19190 Univ:75, MA:24,  
177AU Heriot-Watt Univ BC A00:19:46.6 12050 Univ:42,  
178MAU St Johns Coll (D) A00:21:32.0 255119 Univ:93, MA:39,  
179MAU Jesus Coll (C) A00:20:00.9 14862 Univ:52, MA:14,  
180MAU Bournemouth Univ A00:21:06.7 235112 Univ:89, MA:34,  
181MAU Worcester Univ A00:21:03.9P229110 Univ:88, MA:32,  
182MAAB Univ of Surrey BC A00:19:58.8 14460 AB:1, MA:13, Winner of the Academic Beginner Trophy
183SAU Sheffield Hallam Univ A00:21:23.0 248117 Univ:91, SA:9,  
184MAU 1st & 3rd Trinity A00:20:04.3 15668 Univ:56, MA:18,  
185MAU Imperial Col Med BC A00:20:45.6 211100 Univ:84, MA:28,  
186AAB Imperial Coll D00:20:02.1 15064 AB:3,  
187MAU Fitzwilliam Col A00:20:03.4 15466 Univ:54, MA:16,  
189AU Heriot-Watt Univ BC B00:22:55.8 290144 Univ:103,  
190AU University Coll (D) A00:22:26.6 280136 Univ:100,  
191SAU Butler College BC A00:21:33.9 258122 Univ:94, SA:10,  
192SAU Kings Coll (C)00:20:11.0 16171 Univ:59, SA:2,  
193AOpen Exeter Univ D00:20:51.4 215102   
194AU Birmingham Univ B00:20:55.4 220106 Univ:86,  
195SAOpen Liverpool John Moores Univ00:22:25.9 279135  SA:14,  
196SAU LSE RC A00:20:24.8 18183 Univ:69, SA:5,  
197MAU Collingwood Coll B00:21:43.9 264125 Univ:97, MA:43,  
198SAU Sidney Sussex Coll BC A00:20:40.0 20999 Univ:83, SA:7,  
199MAU Magdalen College A00:20:55.3 219105 Univ:85, MA:30,  
200MAAB East Anglia Univ B00:20:45.9 212101 AB:7, MA:29,  
201AAB Durham Univ BC C00:20:51.8 216103 AB:8,  
202SAAB Grey College B00:22:51.4 288143 AB:25, SA:17,  
203MCOpenJSheffield City A00:20:02.1 1507030 MC:7,  
204COpenVPutney Town RC B00:21:15.4 24310938  
205SCOpenVFurnivall A00:20:33.9 2008931 SC:3,  
206MCOpenJChesterton RC A00:21:09.7P23910648 MC:15,  
207COpenJCambridge 99 B00:19:46.7 1225722  
208COpenJCantabrigian A00:19:57.5 1426728  
209MCOpenJMilton Keynes RC A00:20:11.6 1637532 MC:8,  
210COpenVMaidstone Invicta A00:20:25.7 1828227  
211SCOpenJPeterborough City00:19:49.5 1296225 SC:1, Winner of the Small Club Pennant
212MCOpenPWeybridge RC A00:19:52.9 1326314 MC:4,  
213MCOpenJCardiff City A00:19:55.5 1356526 MC:6,  
214CHMF Royal Navy & Royal Marines00:20:08.3 15872 HMF:2,  
215COpenJYork City C00:21:24.0 25211450  
216COpenVVesta RC D00:20:43.0 2109332  
217COpenJSub Rosa Boat Club A00:20:12.0 1647633  
218COpenVQuintin BC B00:19:47.8 1245921  
219COpenJYork City A00:20:00.2 1466929  
220COpenJTyne ARC C00:20:20.8 1738135  
221COpenJCambridge 99 C00:21:06.4 23310347  
222COpenPCity of Oxford B00:20:18.3 1687916  
223COpenJCity of Cambridge B00:21:22.2 24711049  
224COpenJNewark RC A00:20:10.2 1597331  
225SCOpenVLondon Otters RC A00:21:05.3 23210235 SC:7,  
226MCOpenVCygnet RC A00:22:34.9 28312344 MC:20,  
227COpenPMolesey BC FNo Time 29912722  
229COpenJHeart of Scotland Boat Club A00:19:42.8 1185420  
230MCOpenVSons of the Thames A00:21:23.3 25011239 MC:16,  
231COpenJWorcester RC A00:20:59.7 2259843  
232COpenJLeeds RC B00:20:30.1P1938637  
233SCOpenPOxford Academicals A00:21:13.6 24210819 SC:8,  
234SCOpenJTrafford RC A00:20:49.0 2149441 SC:4,  
235SCOpenVPoplar Blackwall A00:20:32.2 1958830 SC:2,  
236COpenPWalton RC A00:19:42.3 1165312  
237MCOpenJSt Andrew BC A00:19:48.9 1276024 MC:3,  
238MCOpenVColet A00:20:53.2 2189533 MC:10,  
239AU Southampton Univ BC B00:20:27.7 18989 Univ:74,  
240SCOpenVEast India Club A00:21:23.3 25011239 SC:10,  
241SCOpenPEton Excelsior A00:21:48.1 26912121 SC:13,  
242MCOpenVGlobe A00:21:55.8 27112243 MC:19,  
243OOS Wassersportverein Altwarmbuechen e.V., Germany A00:20:48.2 21319 OS:19,  
244OOS Ruderclub Thalwil, Switzerland A00:21:16.1P24421 OS:21,  
245COpenJScottish Argonauts A00:19:33.9 1074916  
246MCOpenVTwickenham RC B00:20:58.8 2239734 MC:12,  
247CCBJTyne ARC E00:21:05.2 23110146CB:2,  
248MCHMF RAF A00:21:38.8 262118 HMF:3, MC:18,  
249SCOpenPOxford Academicals B00:21:23.1 24911120 SC:9,  
250SCOpenJTrafford RC B00:21:44.1 26511953 SC:11,  
251COpenJGloucester RC B00:20:35.5 2019038  
252COpenJCity of Cambridge C00:21:34.0 25911651  
253MAU St Cuthberts Society BC B00:21:55.1 270127 Univ:98, MA:45,  
254AU Glasgow Univ BC C00:20:26.0 18384 Univ:70,  
255MAU Bournemouth Univ B00:21:41.7 263124 Univ:96, MA:42,  
256MAU Univ Coll Lon BC BNo Time 299151 Univ:106, MA:54,  
257MAU Emmanuel BC B00:21:36.4P260123 Univ:95, MA:41,  
258MAU Wolfson Coll (C) A00:20:33.4 19994 Univ:78, MA:26,  
259OOU Ecole Centrale C00:20:37.8 20418 OS:18, Univ:79,  
260AAB Edinburgh Univ BC C00:19:59.2 14561 AB:2,  
261AAB Warwick Univ C00:20:56.3 221107 AB:9,  
262MAAB York Univ C00:21:45.9 267126 AB:15, MA:44,  
263MAU Fitzwilliam Col B00:22:36.1 284139 Univ:101, MA:50,  
264MALwt Bournemouth Univ C00:21:33.0 256120 Lwt:3, MA:40,  
265MAAB Cardiff Univ BC B00:21:04.4 230111 AB:10, MA:33,  
266MAAB Hughes Hall B00:21:07.6 237114 AB:12, MA:36,  
267SAOpen Linacre00:21:01.0 228109  SA:8,  
268AAB Imperial Coll E00:21:33.4 257121 AB:14,  
269MAU Churchill Coll A00:19:57.4 14058 Univ:50, MA:11,  
270MAAB Cardiff Univ BC C00:22:13.8 276132 AB:19, MA:47,  
271MAAB St Johns Coll (D) B00:23:39.4 294146 AB:26, MA:52,  
272AAB Leeds Univ C00:20:22.2 17678 AB:5,  
273MAU Hughes Hall A00:19:56.1 13756 Univ:48, MA:9,  
274MAAB Leicester Univ B00:22:22.1 278134 AB:21, MA:48,  
275MAAB Barts & The London B00:22:31.3 282138 AB:23, MA:49,  
276SAOpen Royal Vet Coll BC A00:22:49.3 287142  SA:16,  
277AAB Bristol Univ C00:20:32.5 19691 AB:6,  
278SAAB Queen Mary BC A00:22:36.7 285140 AB:24, SA:15,  
279AU York St John RC00:23:19.3 292145 Univ:104,  
280AAB Bath Univ C00:20:21.9 17577 AB:4,  
281MAU Bournemouth Univ D00:23:59.5 295147 Univ:105, MA:53,  
282MAU Christs College A00:19:57.4 14058 Univ:50, MA:11,  
283SAU Darwin Coll A00:20:27.3 18888 Univ:73, SA:6,  
284MAU Imperial Col Med BC B00:22:44.1 286141 Univ:102, MA:51,  
285MAAB Kings Coll London B00:21:07.4 236113 AB:11, MA:35,  
286SAAB LSE RC B00:24:13.6 296148 AB:27, SA:18,  
287SAAB LSE RC C00:22:14.6 277133 AB:20, SA:13,  
288AOpen Nottingham Univ D00:20:52.6 217104   
289AU Pembroke Coll (C) B00:20:27.1 18787 Univ:72,  
290SAAB Sheffield Hallam Univ B00:22:04.5 274130 AB:18, SA:12,  
291AAB Sheffield Univ B00:22:02.2 273129 AB:17,  
292AOpen Sheffield Univ C00:24:23.6 297149   
293AAB Southampton Univ BC C00:22:31.1 281137 AB:22,  
294AAB University Coll (D) B00:24:50.5 298150 AB:28,  
295AAB Warwick Univ D00:21:19.0 246116 AB:13,  
296AU Queens' College (Cambridge) Boat Club00:20:33.0 19792 Univ:76,  
297SCOpenJChamp Thames (Camb) A00:20:59.9 2269944 SC:5,  
298MCOpenJWarwick BC A00:21:38.6 26111752 MC:17,  
299COpenJAgecroft D00:20:37.1 2029139  
300MCOpenPStaines00:21:09.5 23810518 MC:14,  
301COpenVMaidstone Invicta B00:21:13.0 24110737  
302COpenPKingston RC C00:20:26.7 1858317  
303CCBVVesta RC E00:20:31.6 1948729CB:1, Winner of the Club Beginner Trophy
304SCOpenJMersey A00:21:00.9 22710045 SC:6,  
305SCOpenVLondon Otters RC B00:23:27.1 29312646 SC:14,  
306CCBVAuriol Kensington C00:21:31.2 25411541CB:4,  
307COpenJShoreham A00:20:19.9 1718034  
309SCOpenVFurnivall B00:21:47.4 26812042 SC:12,  
310CCBVPutney Town RC C00:22:51.5 28912445CB:5,  
311CCBJCity of Bristol D00:23:04.3 29112554CB:6,  



Heading Description
Start # Crew Number
Cat Open/Club/Academic.  For Club Or Academic optionally prefixed with Small or Medium
Trph Trophies for Lwt/Overseas/Overseas University/University/HMF/Academic Beginner/ Club Beginner or Open
PJV For the Vernon or Page or Jackson Trophy
Cat # Position within their Academic/Club/Overseas
PJVA # Position for the Vernon or Page of Jackson Trophy
Other Pos Positions in the Overseas/Academic Beginner/Club Beginner/University/HMF/Lightweight/Small Club/Medium Club/Small Acedmic/Medium Academic