The following are the full-course times for those crews which completed the course before the Race was abandoned.

Start #CrewnameTime
2Molesey I18:05.05
1Leander I18:16.00
4University of London I18:36.70
15Leander II18:40.15
45Nereus (Netherlands)18:45.11
3Oxford Brookes University I18:46.66
54Leander IV18:56.63
22Leander III18:59.03
14Imperial College II18:59.16
10Imperial College I19:00.11
17Thames I19:00.63
13Crefelder (Germany)19:09.82
5London I19:17.29
16Zurich SC I (Switzerland)19:18.43
6Newcastle University I19:19.34
9Tideway Scullers School I19:23.54
7Durham University I19:23.93
34Agecroft I19:24.55
50Newcastle University II19:26.13
36St. Paul's School I19:33.01
49Oxford Brookes University III19:34.81
60Edinburgh University I19:36.49
8Oxford Brookes University II19:37.38
25Molesey II19:38.08
21Thames II19:40.15
18Upper Thames I19:42.55
70Bath University I19:45.06
29Osnabrucker (Germany)19:45.30
27London II19:45.96
12CUS Pavia (Italy)19:47.37
69Thames III19:47.70
19Star Club19:49.04
62University of London III19:50.62
23Lady Rohesia19:51.18
30Molesey IV19:53.46
48Stuttgarter 1899 (Germany)19:54.62
31Ems-Jade-Weser (Germany)19:55.43
56Kingston I19:56.07
28Nottingham RC I19:59.74
39Molesey III20:03.30
37Vesta I20:04.49
65Tyne I20:04.73
44Muelheim/Ruhr (Germany)20:06.08
46Portuguese Rowing Federation (Portugal)20:10.10
55University of Bristol I20:13.29
57Tideway Scullers School II20:16.32
51Quintin I20:18.19
64Oxford Brookes University IV20:21.29
67Broxbourne I20:21.30
58Worcester I20:35.03
59Grasshopper Zurich (Switzerland)20:36.73
38Royal Chester I20:38.62
41Forward Morges (Switzerland)20:39.63
20Imperial College III20:43.60
75Rob Roy20:46.11
32London III20:46.98
26Henley I20:49.57
43Mediterraneo (Spain)20:57.04
47Potsdamer (Germany)21:08.63
61Imperial College IV21:15.27
77Agecroft II21:25.24
79Nottingham RC II21:30.99
83The University of Manchester I21:38.85
93Lea I21:40.55
73Southampton University I23:07.24
72Durham ARC23:38.92
94Molesey V25:07.60
24Upper Thames III27:22.16