Bernard Churcher Trophy & Halladay Trophy: Entry criteria

  1. The Bernard Churcher Trophy [“University 1”] to the fastest crew from any University or College club – including those from Overseas.
  2. The Halladay Trophy [“University 2”] to the fastest crew from a University or College club affiliated to BR, SR or WR , provided that the crew is i) of status Intermediate 1 or lower and ii) the club has no crews entered at Elite or Senior status.

It is, I hope, clear that the Churcher Trophy is open to every British Rowing/Scottish Rowing/Welsh Rowing university or college club, plus overseas universities, and can include crews at all status levels.

However, the Halladay is rather more restrictive.

  1. If you have a crew at Elite or Senior status, then you cannot enter any crews at all for the Halladay. You may choose to put some or all of your more junior crews into the Churcher if you wish.
  2. If your highest-status crew is Intermediate 1 or lower, it can be entered in either the Churcher or the Halladay – and you have the same choice with all your other crews. You also have the option not to enter a crew for either Trophy – perhaps because of eligibility problems (see 1.) below.

The designations “University 1” and “University 2” do not refer to a club’s 1st or 2nd crews – they simply refer to the two awards. I think because of this there is a widespread but completely unfounded belief that a club’s first crew “must” enter the Churcher – this is not correct

If you would like a flavour of the type and range of entries for each Trophy, I recommend a look at past HORR results.

Please note carefully:-

  1. It is still required that, to be eligible for either the Churcher or the Halladay, the entire crew must be formally registered as students on Race day.
  2. If you have submitted a crew entry already, and wish to change between U1/U2/blank, it will be much easier if you tell me so I can go into BROE and tweak it, rather than you having to scratch it and re-enter.
  3. Entry to the Churcher and Halladay is completely separate from your Intermediate3 and Novice crews’ extra classification as Academic. For these two statuses, Academic and Club refer ONLY to the club type as set out in the Almanack, and take no notice of the personnel in the boat. Your club’s marker was, therefore, set by the HORR gnomes some months ago.

Andrew Ruddle
Hon Secretary, HORR