The Start Order for 2018 (updated 18.02.2018)

logo-excel  FINAL START ORDER 15-2-18

An annotated version of this list, with crew CRIs added, is also available.

Notes to the 2018 Start Order

As you were probably expecting, the order has a different look to previous years. In particular, crew
priorities are indicated by A, B, etc and not numbers and the menu of events has been modified to
reflect the dropping of the status system.

The list has been compiled, as planned, on the basis of descending RPI totals, with two exceptions –
i) the top-30 finishers from 2016 form the top 30 in this year’s order subject to a minimum RPI
total, and ii) a small number of clubs and crews, for particular technical reasons, do not have an RPI
total that reflects their recent results and some of these have been moved in the order accordingly.

As we all know, a person’s RPI is an evolving score, and the total used for this list was fixed at the
time entries closed. As many crews will be racing before 11 March, and gaining RPI points, totals
will increase but it would be impossible to compile a start order at (say) a week’s notice and so this
somewhat arbitrary line had to be drawn.

With this in mind, it is extremely unlikely that any request for a different starting place will be
granted. However, as has been the case in past years, if there is a potential safety issue involved a
move may be granted, but only if it is serious enough to justify a move of more than 75 places and
if the Chief Marshal (whose decision is final) agrees.