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(Under British Rowing Rules of Racing, (BRRoR) https://www.britishrowing.org/events/entering-competitons/rules-of-racing/)

  1. The Race from Mortlake to Putney WILL START AT 10:00 GMT ON SATURDAY 26th MARCH 2022 and is a competition for men’s eights.
  2. Entries will open on the 9thJanuary 2022 at 09:00, the entry fee is £125 per crew and close at 17:00 GMT 24thFebruary 2022 for Overseas Crews, and11th March 2022 for British Rowing, Welsh Rowing, and Scottish Rowing crews.. If we are oversubscribed we will reduce the number of crews to 400 using the criteria in entry instructions after this date. We will not suspend entries early. There is no need to put your entry in until you have all the information to make a complete entry.
  3. Entry and payment for the HORR 2022 will be through the British Rowing On-line Entry system (BROE). Only 60 overseas (including Irish) crews will be accepted.
  4. The Awards for the 2022 race are:

The Fairbairn Trophy – to the crew finishing Head and individual medals for the members of the crew.

The Vernon Trophy – to the fastest eligible British Rowing club crew normally rowing on the Thames Tideway (between Teddington Lock and the mouth of the Thames), and individual medals for the members of the crew.

The Page Trophy – to the fastest eligible British Rowing club crew normally rowing on the Thames or its tributaries and ineligible for the Vernon Trophy, and individual medals for the members of the crew.

The Jackson Trophy – to the fastest eligible British Rowing club crew not normally rowing on the Thames or its tributaries – and therefore ineligible for the Vernon or Page Trophies – and individual medals for the members of the crew.

The award of the Vernon, Page and Jackson Trophies is subject to the Committee’s absolute discretion.

The Bernard Churcher Trophy – to the fastest crew from any university or college club including those from overseas. To be eligible for this trophy, all members of such crews must be in statu pupillari – that is, registered as students of the relevant University or College as at Race day. Crews wishing to be considered for this event must enter the HORR as ‘GB – University’ or ‘Overseas – University’.

Head of the River, 2nd & 3rd placed crews – Pennants, plaques and individual medals.

Fastest (non-Academic) club affiliated to British Rowing, Scottish Rowing or Welsh Rowing – A pennant, plaque and individual medals.

Fastest overseas crew – A trophy, plaque and individual medals.

Fastest medium and small club crews – Plaques and individual medals to the fastest medium and small sized club crews (excluding junior crews), for clubs who have not finished in the top 100 and 200 crews respectively in the last seven years.

Fastest medium and small sized academic crew – Plaques and individual medals to the fastest medium and small sized academic crew, for academic institutions (excluding junior crews) who have not finished in the top 100 and 200 crews respectively in the last four years.

The award of the medium and small sized academic and club crews is subject to the Committee’s absolute discretion. 

Fastest lightweight crew – A pennant, plaque and individual medals to the fastest lightweight crew from any club – including those from overseas clubs (qualification to be that all crew members weigh-in at a maximum of 75.0 kg. on Race Day BRR0R 2-2-1 Weighing-in to be held at Ranelagh Sailing Club, Putney Embankment and Tideway Scullers School, Chiswick Bridge from 08:00-09:00 on Saturday 26th March for the 2022 race. Crews wishing to be considered for this event must enter the HORR as ‘GB – Lightweight’ or ‘Overseas – Lightweight’.

Fastest beginner club and academic crews – Plaques and individual medals to the fastest British Rowing, Welsh Rowing, or Scottish Rowing club and academic crews. This is offered to crews composed of newcomers to the sport. Beginner’ is defined as a crew comprised of oarsmen from any British rowing club who have been rowing for no more than 12 months at the date of the Race. All British Rowing university & college crews must have BUCS “Beginner” status. A crew may be entered with fewer than the required number of points, in the expectation that it will earn the extra required between close of entries and Race day, but if it does not the entry will be refused. Any crew so affected will have its entry fee refunded. ‘ For both groups, it is compulsory that the cox has more than 12 months’ experience. Crews wishing to be considered for this event must enter the HORR as ‘GB – Beginner’.

Fastest Junior Club Crew – Plaques and individual medals to the fastest junior club crew (BRRoR 2-3 a) The crew must have at least an average age of J16 (BRRoR 2-3 c). No Rower may be J14 (BRRoR 2-3 c) or younger. Crews wishing to be considered for this event must enter the HORR as ‘GB – Junior’ or Overseas – Junior’.

Fastest Masters B, C and D – Plaques and individual medals to the fastest masters crew in Masters B, Masters C and Masters D age categories (BRRoR 4-4). Crews wishing to be considered for this event must enter the HORR as ‘GB – Masters B, C or D’ or ‘Overseas – Masters B, C or D’. No handicapping will be applied to crews times for the final finish order.


  1. Submitting entries. All entries must be made on the British Rowing Online Entries system (BROE). Overseas and Scottish clubs must also submit entries via BROE. Clubs that are not already registered must contact British Rowing via e-mail, at onlineentry@britishrowing.org with your club details and saying that they wish to enter The Head of the River Race. British Rowing will then supply the necessary details of your login details to the system.

British crews may submit entries in the following categories:

    • GB-based crew
    • GB – University
    • GB – Lightweight
    • GB – Masters B, C or D
    • GB – Junior
    • GB – HM Forces
    • GB – Beginner

Eligibility for trophies and awards (as above) will be determined by the Committee.

    1. Payment.Payment must be made via BROE. An entry is incomplete until payment is made and any payment not made in BROE by the close of respective entries may be rejected.
    2. Coxswains.Women may only compete in the Race as coxswains. All crews entered in the ‘Beginner’ category must have a coxswain with at least a year’s experience.
    3. Composites.The Committee will not accept an entry from any Club which it considers to be a subsidiary of or having common membership with another Club already making an entry for the Race. No entries from composite crews will be accepted.
    4. “Priority” information.Crews must be designated “1”,”2″,”3″, etc. – NOT A, B, C…. or I, II, III…. Bearing in mind that clubs may be affected by the Draw, crews should be entered in order of priority; for example if a low-pointed crew is to be preferred over a higher-pointed one for a place, the lower crew should be crew “1” and the higher “2”. Notwithstanding this all crews outside the top 30 will be ordered by Ranking Points.
    5. Registration.All competitors must be registered to race with British Rowing or another association recognised by BR or World Rowing (BRRoR 2-1-1 a).
    6. Scottish crews only:To ensure that you are given the appropriate starting position, it is important that you provide a note of the SR points for each crew member. To enable confirmation of registration numbers, when the entry is made all 9 (or 18 or…) pairs of names and numbers must be typed into the relevant additional information box at the time of entry. This is a condition of entry.
    7. Overseas crews only: Please note that the system of entry for overseas crews has changed for the 2022 HORR. Overseas crews may submit entries in the following categories:
      • Overseas crew
      • Overseas – University
      • Overseas – Lightweight
      • Overseas – Masters B, C or D
      • Overseas – Junior


In order to ensure that your crews race alongside similar paced crews in the 2022 HORR, please indicate your expected finish position by selecting the relevant letter A-D in the additional information drop down box and by providing a short justification for the selection.

Use the information below to work out your expected finish position.

        • A = Expected finish position 1 to 75; Crew would expect to finish in top 6 in National Championships
        • B = Expected finish 76 to 175; Good club crew – perhaps National Championships standard
        • C = Expected finish 176 to 275; Average club crew – might win 3-4 events during a season
        • D = Expected finish below 276; Novice club level

 NB. If you give your crew a letter that is seen to be clearly wrong when the results are published, the club may be barred from entering in 2023.

The Head of the River will attempt to facilitate the hiring of boats and oars to foreign crews, for further information please contact secretary@horr.co.uk

  1. Overseas Draw

Provided the Overseas completed entry including payment by 17:00 GMT on the  24th February 2022 exceed 60 crews.

    1. All those crews which finished in the top 280 in 2019 are guaranteed a place in HORR 2022.
    2. All those crews not having a place under the above will go into a draw for the remaining places up to a total of 60. The draw will take place on Monday 27thFebruary 2022, and clubs will be informed of the result as soon as possible thereafter by e-mail.
  1. British Rowing, Welsh Rowing and Scottish Rowing Crews Draw

Subject to sections above, and provided that entries complete in all respects are received by the final close of entries 1700 GMT 11th March 2022 exceed 400:

    1. Third and subsequent entries from school clubs will not be accepted. If the remaining entry still exceeds 400 the first 280 crews in the 2019 finishing order will be entitled to a place in the 2022 Race.
    2. All bona fide British Rowing/Scottish Rowing/Welsh Rowing-affiliated Clubs who enter but have no place under 1. will be given one place.
    3. All crews who finished below 280 in 2019 and are not entitled to a place under 1. or 2. will go into a draw for the remaining places up to a limit of 400. The Draw for places will be held on Monday 14th March. Those British clubs affected by the draw will be e-mailed on or before noon on Tuesday 15th March with the result, and the full Start list will be on the website by noon on 19th March. Therefore, if a club is expecting a notification and does not receive one before the Start list is posted, the e-mail address notified with the entry should be checked carefully.
  1. 2022 Start Order, classifications and related matters

The start order will be compiled solely on the basis of each crew’s Ranking Points total as declared at the time entries close, except that the top 30 finishers from HORR 2019 will inherit that finishing place, subject to their Ranking Points not otherwise placing them below 60th in the PRI ranked start order. Overseas crews will be allotted a ranking by the Committee.

British Rowing and Welsh Rowing Entries will be classified as follows:

All crews will be designated as Academic or Club according to their grouping in the British Rowing Almanack. The first approx. 120 in the start order, plus approx. 30 Overseas and Scottish Rowing crews of a similar standard, will form the Championship Group of exactly 150 crews. These will form the first 3 divisions, marshalling as usual above Chiswick Bridge.

The remaining crews will be divided into two groups, Academic and Club, and ranked according to their RP totals (or equivalent for overseas & SR). Each group will then be cut off after the 50th-ranked crew, and be arranged in the following start order:

    • Division 4 – Academic (50 crews)
    • Division 5 – Club (50 crews)
    • Division 6 – Academic (variable size)
    • Division 7 – Club (variable size) Divisions 6 and/or 7 will, if necessary, also be limited to 50 crews, with further crews forming a Division 8.

It is, of course, expected that substitutions will be made between close of entries and Race Day, and that the RP total of a crew may go up or down, any such crew will simply start in its already-allocated place. If a Club has concerns following substitutions the race pace of the Crew has been dramatically reduced, they should email the Hon. Secretary who will pass this information to the Chief Marshal.

Names of crews entered may be inspected after 19th March on application to the Hon. Secretary.

  1. Safety

Adverse conditions may affect how the race is run and may cause a full cancellation.

If weather and/or river conditions are poor, but not bad enough to force cancellation, the Committee may decide to hold the Race over a shorter course, and possibly with fewer crews. The full review and notification protocol is available on the website 

General Race Instructions will be posted on this website by the Chief Marshal not later than 31st January and marshalling instructions will be updated to match the draw by the 20th of March.  It is the Crew’s responsibility to read these prior to arriving for training.

All crews should be aware that they should be fully aware of the guidance within the British Rowing Row Safe document.

Bow coxed hulls are not permitted.

It is strongly recommended that any crew with average age 55 or more (i.e. FISA Masters E or older) only enter the Vesta Veterans’ HOR instead, and for reasons of capacity any such entries to HORR may be refused

In view of the nature of the course, the character of the Race and safety considerations you are strongly urged to ensure that inexperienced coxes are placed with experienced crews and vice versa.  Captains of clubs are responsible for ensuring that all coxswains have appropriate experience and knowledge to undertake coxing on the Tideway; a minimum age of 14 is normally expected.

To ensure that a crew has a basic level of experience to cope with Tideway conditions, the following minimum ability will apply:

    • British Rowing and Welsh Rowing: All club crews, and school crews: a crew total of 20 RPs or more at Race Day.
    • University and College crews: a crew total of 20 RPs or more at Race Day – As some clubs in this group will compete only or mainly at non-BR events, we will accept narrative evidence of an equivalent performance. Such justification must be included in the additional information field at the time the BROE entry is submitted.
    • Scottish Rowing: All Club, School and University crews: individual rowers must have been registered with SR on or before 1 December 2021 OR have at least 2 SR racing points at Race Day.

A crew may be entered with fewer than the required number of points, in the expectation that it will earn enough extra between close of entries and Race day, but if it does not the entry may be refused. Any crew so affected will have its entry fee refunded.

All crews must have experience in racing a time trial format race, including the need to plan for marshalling and managing an eight in a 6 km/h stream against the direction of travel to the start.

Any crew unable to manage the conditions while marshalling may be excluded from racing for their own and other competitors’ safety. They will be escorted to a safe landing location and will paddle down the course after the race to their host club


It is a condition of entry that all clubs have read and understand the contents of the HORR Welfare Policy and Plan 2022; by submitting an entry a club is accepting its conditions and requirements. http://www.horr.co.uk/wordpress/juniors-welfare-policy-and-plan/


Names of substitutes (maximum FOUR only apart from the coxswain) who are to row in the Race must be notified through the BROE system by the start of the Race.

A crew no longer eligible for pennants entered must immediately notify the Entries Secretary by email, the ultimate sanction for not doing so may result in exclusion from the 2023 race if not doing so prohibits a winning crew from being presented with their pennant on race day.

To avoid problems on Race day, you are very strongly urged to check that any potential substitutes are properly BR-registered. The personal ranking system requires that the exact make-up of every crew is recorded, therefore failure to record all substitutions will very likely result in the misallocation of ranking points. Accordingly, any failure to record substitutions that requires the after-Race attention of HORR will attract action under BRRoR 8-4.

Notice of withdrawal (“scratching”) should be made through the BROE system and sent to the Entries Secretary by email, before the start of the Race. This is a safety requirement to aid the Marshals.


It is essential that before making an entry, arrangements must be made with a Tideway club – as early as possible – via e-mail or letter, their clear agreement secured and their name notified in the relevant part of the on-line entry. Lists of visiting clubs will be closely checked as entries are received; if this section is left blank, or if the Tideway club named has not given its permission, the entry will be rejected. Fully loaded trailers will be given priority access to Putney and the Committee suggests clubs from the same region or country share a trailer; please put this detail in your entry notes. The Committee also points out that this will reduce your carbon footprint and asks crews boating from all areas to explore sharing trailers. Clubs are strongly advised to arrange to boat from and return to clubs upriver from Putney, as the number of crews permitted to boat from Putney will again be limited by a number of factors. There will be a cut off set for the total number of hulls and trailers permitted to Putney.


The Race requires that you confirm that your club carries public liability cover for at least £1,000,000 (British Rowing Row Safe); this is usually incorporated in your club’s general policy, but you are strongly urged to consult your insurers if there is any doubt.


The Head of the River Race will use images related to the event including those of individuals participating and observing the race to promote the race.  Entering and attending the race is deemed acceptance of a release to use your image.


The Head of the River Race cannot assist in the provision of accommodation.

IMPORTANT By submitting the entry, the Club’s representative is confirming the following:

  1. I have read and understand the requirements of the BRITISH ROWING Row Safe Code, Rules of Racing section 7, HORR Welfare Policy & Plan and the document “Rules of the Race 2021”.
  2. I have read and accept the Regulations relating to the Draw in the event of over-subscription.
  3. I accept that there will be little or no refund in the event of weather-related cancellation.
  4. I confirm that this Club has Public Liability insurance for at least £1,000,000.
  5. I confirm that all members of any crew entered for the University Prize are currently in statu pupillari at the university/college concerned.
  6. I certify that all competitors are experienced to a sufficient standard to compete in this Race.
  7. I certify that all the competitors named in the on-line entry and any substitute who may be introduced, are members of this Club which is a member by affiliation of British Rowing (or of Scottish Rowing / Welsh Rowing) or an Association recognized by British Rowing or FISA licensed to race and eligible to compete in the Award for which they are entered.

The prize-giving will take place in Putney on the day of the race at XXXX at Thames Rowing Club

Bryony Gough

Entries Secretary

e-mail : entries@horr.co.uk