New Pennants 2020

January 2, 2020By

The Head of the River Race Committee is pleased to announce that for the 2020 race we will be offering the following additional pennants:

  • Junior Men
  • Masters Men B, C and D

The Committee hopes that by including these events

  • Masters men’s crews travelling long distances to race will have the opportunity of racing for pennants at both head races for which they are eligible over the course of the weekend.
  • Clubs with junior members drawn from multiple schools and who may experience difficulties with events during a school week will have an opportunity to race on the Championship Course

The events will be subject to our usual Rules and Entry Requirements (both the Rules and Entry Requirements are currently provisional and will be fully updated by 9 December 2019) and will also have the following additional requirements:

Club Junior pennant

  • All crew members must have been a member of the (non-academic/school) club entering them to race from the 1st of January 2020. The committee reserves the right to refuse entry to “umbrella” clubs seeking to draw members from other clubs. In races in 2021 and beyond this date will be the 31st October of the preceding year.
  • Collections of small clubs who would not be able to enter individual club eights due to a lack of available members should contact the entries secretary directly for special consideration of their proposal.
  • There is only one category, Junior under British Rowing Rules of Racing rule 2-3 a. and the average age of the crew must be at least J16 in the year of the race. Overseas Clubs in particular are reminded that J14 athletes are not permitted to race in sweep oared events, Rule 2-3 d. (NB. our event has a minimum age of 14 for all competitors including coxswains).

Masters B, C and D pennants

  • There will be no handicapping, final finish rankings will be on the basis of actual time; pennants will be awarded for each age class provided there is at least one entry.

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